2020  Lecturer at Università Ca’Foscari. “Objectivity, Values and Public Understanding of Science” (3h)

2019 Lecturer at Università Ca’Foscari. “Philosophy of the social science” (3h)

2018-2019 Lecturer at Grenoble INP. “Responsible research and innovation” (12h). Lecturer at Lyon 3. “Philosophy of science” (Master degree, 12h); “Philosophy of science” (Ba. degree, 16h). 

2018 Lecturer at ENS Lyon. “Responsible research and scientific integrity” (4h30)

2017 Lecturer at ENSTA Paris-Saclay. “Science and values in democracy” (36h)

2012-2015 Lecturer at Université Grenoble Alpes (128h). “Eukaryotic genetics” (Ba. degree, 24h), “Cellular Biology” (Ba. degree, 34h), “Genetics” (Ba. degree, 25h), “Biochemistry” (Ba. degree, 16h), “Modelling in biology” (Ba. degree, 12h), “Physics for medicine” (Master degree, 8h)